Life as a “truckers”wife, temporarily

Yes, we are temporarily living life as truckers on the road. Lol. But seriously, as we are driving a 26′ truck with a car carrier attached extending our length to around 36′. So, simple things such as parking, stopping for a toilet break or food and fueling up is completely different than car traveling. It’s this whole other world you would never experience unless you are in a big truck like we are. First of all, we only fuel at real TRUCK stops. Due to our 12’7″ height and we only take diesel, we line up with all those 18 wheelers to fuel up. Yes, those massive trucks that wiz by you on the road when you’re driving. Those guys are our friends now. We aren’t quite as big but we have to play like we are. Lol. Thank god my British husband has extensive skills and truck driving being one of them. In his previous drainage career, he drove 18 tons flex line. I have no idea what it is either but I know it’s big. Really big. When he suggested we just do the move ourselves to save money, I thought, sure, no big deal, I have moved myself tons before driving Uhaul etc. But when he said we needed the 26′ rental truck, I said no way. Good thing I trust him cause we filled every inch of that truck and thank god he knows how to drive it and drive it well. We have had stupid cars cut us off, a serious squawl come out of no where and  just having to drive the whole way since I’m a scardy cat to drive it. I want to, but I’m scared. Maybe I’ll do a loop in an empty parking lot. 

My job is co pilot. I anticipate my pilots every need at any given moment. Water, caffeine, updating him on Facebook action, making playlists of music to keep us going, snacks, taking the photos since he’s driving, basically keeping him entertained and awake. It’s a busy job! No sleeping for me. 

Accommodations. Every day before we reach our daily destination, I have to call ahead to hotels to make sure they have a big enough parking lot. We finally discovered La Quinta hotels are hotels for truckers so now we just go to one of them. I had never heard of them before this trip. 

The people and lifestyles we are experiencing are truly unique. Traveling is so great for that. Cowboys in line with us at Sub Way whilst we get our tuna subs for lunch. Guys with rugged leather holsters holding their bright silver revolvers at breakfast early this am. And now, meeting a waitress who is still going strong at 76 years old in a classic American diner at the truck stop and she asks us how we met! And that is a story in itself. Lol. 

Flying on Father’s Day 

We are flying today on Father’s Day to Boston to go celebrate my dad’s life with all his friends and our whole family on Tuesday, the first day of summer which my dad requested. It will be wonderful and absolutely awful all at the same time. It’s just true. Who wants to actually accept that he is no longer with us? I don’t. 

The good news is we fly today in his honor as he travelled a lot both in business and pleasure and to keep us from freaking out! We haven’t flown anywhere for 6 weeks. After traveling for 18 months, one of my main concerns of being able to settle down “permanently” is dealing with the withdraws of getting on planes, trains and automobiles. We know this life. This is how we stared our marriage. It’s comfortable, familiar, like being home since we made it our type of home for so long. So it feels good to be getting away. The deal we made with each other and with my job is we need to be able to travel. We must go diving and actually, Dallas is perfect for that. It’s a major international hub for American Airlines and then close to Mexico, Carribbean, and Central America, so this makes us happy. We are going to dive Isla de Mujeres, Mexico over the Fourth of July. Thank god. It’s been too long. Not good to keep “fish” out of water. I informed my boss that my holidays revolve around what season the manta rays, whalesharks and whales are migrating. She laughed and said ok! The best news is those times are opposite to my busy sales season, here we come Galapagos in January! 

But back to my dad, today just sucks. Because I miss him. Because everyone on FB is wishing their dads,Happy Father’s Day and this is the first for us, without him. I know this is just part of life but nothing prepares you for the yucky sad intense feeling of loss. I can’t imagine how my mom feels. I think about her all the time. Having just found the love of my life, I treasure every minute even in the not as good minutes. People say to us all the time that they don’t understand why or how we can spend every minute together, but we can. We do. We want to. We are that couple and proud of it. I think it’s something called gratitude. Grateful to have found each other, although later in life than we might have imagined. But better late than never. And thus I am also forever grateful for the love, support, and connection I had with my dad, maybe not as long lived as I wish, but better than not at all. 

Happy Father’s Day, Dad, ⚓️

I love you and miss you dearly❤️

Life, yes that thing! 

Life is a funny thing. You can be on a small tiny island in the middle of South East Asia, i.e. third world country, with no technology or modern comforts or in a big city of lights and modern luxuries, life is all the same. Just small details making the difference. Believe me I have experienced it. However you perceive your life is where ever you are. 

What is the point of all of lives? We work to pay for the things we need and we want. Truly, I think it is that simple.Yes, some of us are very lucky to work in doing what we love and still make money, but most of us don’t. Most of us, work to pay the living costs, the beer for the weekend, the once a year vacation or the gorgeous high heels we saw at Nordstrom’s the other day and oh, the dog food. So, my question is, is that enough? Should there be more? It’s feels like there should be or am I just complicating and over thinking? I guess you would say it’s all relative. It’s how you approach life. It’s what is important to you. It’s what you want out of life. I can’t help thinking that there is more. I feel like there must be more. But my problem right now is I don’t know what that more is. Do I like my work? Yes, I do. Am i good at it? Yes, I am. Does it fill me with personal pride and joy? Not really. Can I make decent money? Yes, eventually. Will that be enough? I don’t think so. There’s this thing that lingers over my head, sits on my shoulders and cries out every once awhile saying, what are you doing? This is not it! But I say back to that voice, I need this right now and I haven’t gotten a clue what you are talking about. I’m hoping and praying that following my gut, my instincts and doing the things outside of my “work” that I love will bring me to that place. Cause right now, I’m just lucky enough to like what pays the bills. So I am grateful, but I just know that this just isn’t the end. 

Who would of thought, Dallas! 

Who would of thought, Dallas! 

I know you are all thinking in your head, Georgia and Phil are settling in Dallas, Texas? We are as surprised as you. Lol. One of the most important personal skills, I learned from traveling and being on the road for 18 months is TRUST your instincts. Trust yourself. I’m talking about that tiny voice that pops up and says the opposite of what you want to say, do, or even think. That guy! That’s your inner spirit, your soul talking to you, your true self and your guide to how you are going to feel more self fulfillment, peace, love and satisfaction in your life. It’s not what you have done or what you have, it’s how you make the choices to follow your true self. When you make decisions that are in line with yourself, the world opens. Opportunities in business, personal and spiritual come flooding in, like a river floating you in the perfect direction to slowly, but surely to fulfill your destiny. The reason you are here and what you are destined to do on this earth. 

How does all this relate to Dallas? Well, I can’t exactly answer that just yet, because we haven’t even spent a night in our new apartment. But I feel it. It’s in my heart. And I followed my gut. I knew I loved my career of  tile design sales, helping people make their homes beautiful with gorgeous artful tile. I knew who I wanted to work for, a company I have admired for years. And most importantly, Phil and I knew we wanted to make a fresh start in a place we both had not lived in or even been to. We are not the people we were before we left in October 2014. So with those 3 things, there was an opening of a new busy showroom for Artistic Tile in Dallas, Texas and I snagged it. 

The second part of it all is as you know my dad just recently passed, and his mother, Ester who I never knew lived in Dallas for most of her life with her second husband, Lester.  All I really know about her is that she was a beautiful woman and an interior designer. My dad gave me some of her work from RISD years ago which I treasure. So I am having this intense spiritual draw to Dallas because it was always this unknown area of my dad’s family history. Stories of our families garment business making the first uniforms for the airline stewardesses. Comments about how wonderful Lester was and my grandmother was so happy with him. Photos of my older sisters playing in the tourquoise pool in Dallas. I just can’t help thinking she knows we  are here and that my dad smiling as well happy we have chosen Dallas as our new home. 

Where do we live, now? 

Where do we live, now?

That’s the question right now. The answer is……We have no idea!! Lol. We are flying into Boston tonight and going to stay with my mom for a quick visit whilst I figure out where and who I want to/ can get a job with in the tile world.  We could really move anywhere in the States. But when you start adding up what qualities of life, weather, finiancial, and lifestyle you want, the choices actually minimize. 

Sun with warmth, but not high humidity. Good employment. Beaches. Healthy. Yoga. Environmentally conscious. Art/photography. Community. Reasonable housing. Pet friendly. Outdoor lifestyle year round. 

Where is that place I just described? Well, honestly California is where we are drawn to. I have lived there more of my life than anywhere else. Twenty-two years. Thirteen years in Southetn California and before that nine years in San Francisco. You could almost say I’m a California girl. Lol. I think I am 3/4 West coast and 1/4 East coast. So now, as all Californians are very familiar with, we are faced with the never ending battle between Northern vs Southern California. They both have alot going for them. But in very, very different ways. The tricky thing which I have realized in our 18 months of traveling and living in different parts of the world, we, my husband and I are extremely adaptable. We have a varied range of interests that sometimes almost contradict each other. For example, we love dressing up in fashionable nice clothing for a nice dinner out but then you could also put us in almost nothing and leave us on a tropical island and we would be happy. And yes, we are particular, maybe even picky, but isn’t it better to know what you like and don’t and do something about it? This life only comes around once, so live true to your heart passions. 

So where does this leave this post? In limbo. Waiting for the clues to bring us to our truth. Following leads and contacts. Talking with my tile world contacts. Putting this post on Facebook if anyone has ideas/opportunities they want to share with me. Keeping myself open and fluid to trust my intuition on which job would be best suited for the person I have become. I am not the same Georgia I was 18 months ago. I have only understood this in the past month or so. The vast amount of exposure to the different cultures, languages, local customs, friends, acquaintances, housing arrangements, food, beverages, bodies of water, modes of transportation, currencies, fashion, land formations, outdoor activities, and out of my comfort zone experiences have formed a different me. I’m still Georgia. But my mind and soul has been stretched, smoothed, lifted, and strengthened. What will that bring? I have no idea. But when I do, I will be sure to let you know. 

I keep thinking this blog will have to end but it seems to keep going. I think that’s s good thing. It means I am still exploring. Exploring life and living it to my truth. My life has never been simple or quiet, why stop now? Although, we are ready for a bit of quiet and settling down, where? Your guess is as good as mine. 

Things I’m going to miss and not miss 

I wanted to write about some of things about living in Indonesia so I don’t forget. Things I’m going to miss and not miss about our life in Indonesia.

 Here are the things I will miss a lot:

Combing English and Bahasa Indonesian to create my sentences. Or Bahasa Indonesian with some Balinese. Or Balinese with a lot of English as Balinese is harder and less spoken. I love learning a language. It feeds a part of my brain that feels hungry and satisfies when it learns more. And especially when words just come without trying. 

On a daily basis being surrounded by the amazing stone and brick beautiful temples with the colorful ceremony dress of the women on days of prayer as they are walking through the streets carrying all their intricate and beautiful offerings in traditional baskets. 

Being in one of the worlds best diving countries. 

Riding on the back of Phil’s motorbike with the soft warm wind on my face, the night stars above us as we drove through the forest hills on the single street of Nusa Penida back to our hotel after a yummy meal at Penida Colada lounge. 

Being surrounded by friends from all over the world. Being at a dinner party hearing 4-5 different languages is wonderfully invigorating. The world is not a big place and I believe in the power of thinking of it as that. 

Being able to go out to eat healthy food on daily that costs almost nothing. We love cooking but it’s so nice to enjoy going out without the stress of the cost. A nice meal for two costs about $14usd tops. 

Friendly and genuine sincerity in the customer service in restuarants, cafes, spas, resorts, supermarkets, banks. Everywhere. I found Indonesisns and in particular, Balinese are polite, gentle people. There is no pushy-ness or aggression on a daily basis. 

Our Sunday evening treat of an $11.00 one hour massage at a really nice spa and then go watch the sunset on the beach after with a Bintang. (And people thought we were crazy to spend that much on a massage.) 

Things I am not going to miss very much:

We ate extremely healthy, practiced yoga, used holistic health and all for next to nothing costs, yet we were breathing in all the transmission fumes from all the scooters as we all ride around on all day and night like it’s not a problem. 

The daily stream of ants, millipedes, huge huntsman spiders, mosquitos, wasps and whatever bugs in our kitchen, lounge, bedroom and bathroom, and pool. Anywhere and everywhere. It will be nice to have real, I mean, constructed properly walls. 

The confusion of how a business works.  One day the process is a, b, c. The next day it’s c, g, a. And then a fee for all of it. And each section.  And then some more paperwork in order to get it done. All of it needs to be notarized so add some more cost. As long as the paperwork is what it is said to be. But you don’t really know how long that will last until you need to “pay” another fee which is basically a bribe. 

Having to heat up water to do the dishes in our kettle. We had a gorgeous villa with a great 6 burner gas range and big frigerator, but no hot water plumbed in the kitchen. 

Taking showers with water that smells of sewage. And you don’t drink. Obviously. 

Trash burning. The smoke and fumes from it. And the trash everywhere especially when it rains and the water literally makes a river of plastic trash flowing down the dirt road to our villa next to the rice paddies. 

A for Effort 

“When you come to a roadblock, take a detour.” ~Mary Kay Ash

You can’t say we didn’t try! Dreams are for going after and striving to achieve, but sometimes it is a smarter move to cut your losses before you invest too much money, emotions, time, and effort into something that is so risky. After months of due diligence, in learning the laws of starting a business (that are ever changing), understanding how the land ownership works (another tricky part between all the family members), getting used to “Bali time”, and the costs of building Eco  which is triple than normal we have decided to let our dream of opening an Eco Dive Resort in Indonesia ly dormant. Whose knows maybe we will come back to it later or somewhere else in the world? Opportunities tend to show up in unexpected places. When one door closes another opens. We are very sad as we do love all of Indonesia, Bali in particular. The people are truly lovely, friendly and kind. I believe it’s the government that quietly supports the corruption and therefore foreigners will always struggle. We see that it is crucial to have an Indonesian business partner. That is how you can have successful here. Mind you things such a visas not being renewed for no apparent reason and fines being given to businesses for no reason are all still rampant even with western/local ownership. 

We are so grateful for our time here, all the wonderful people we have met and supported us on the way. It has been amazing experience we will not forget. If you get a chance to go to Indonesia, it’s a definite yes. Go, it’s an amazing place. Especially for all you diver friends. It’s worth the horribly long flight. I know because I’ve done it. Lol 

We are moving back to America. And on our way home which is still to be determined by employment, we will stop in England to visit family and friends and Boston for the same.  We have timely issues with Phil’s citizenship that need to be addressed. So we see it as time of regroup. Get a place to live, get jobs, maybe get a dog! Unpack our things in storage and just live. Enjoy being in one place. And then start brain storming and assessing what is most important to us, individually and as a couple. We want to creat something together. That drive and passion has not disapated. We will not give in that easily! I don’t know what will come our way or which path we will take, but I know in my heart, we are destined for greatness, living our life true to ourselves and doing something to help protect our favorite place to be; the oceans.